Enjoy Nature-Fresh Indoor Air and Surfaces
Breathe Better, Sleep Better and Feel Better, Guaranteed!

Supplies limited, order today! Due to recent concerns regarding viruses, shedding, mold and smoke.

Add EMF and 5G protection to your home with our DIY home add-on kit. Installs in 5 minutes and lasts for years to come!

Reduce Your Environmental Toxic Burden!

Trusted by thousands of medical professionals.
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Easy Setup & Use

Simply unpack, turn on and enjoy safer air and surfaces.

Immediately Effective

Recent FDA compliant test results proved an amazing 99.99% kill rate on the toughest viruses known to mankind in just 15 minutes, and 99.9999% in one hour (RNA MS2 Virus).

Nature Fresh Indoor Air

Eliminate airborne pathogens, particulate, dust, and odors quickly and safely.

GermFree Purifier™ converts ambient moisture in the air into aerosolized hydro-peroxide molecules, to safely treat air and surfaces. Eliminating pathogens, allergens, bacteria, viruses, voc's and mold very quickly with no side-effects, turning back into natural moisture in air when finished. Effective in high and low humidity environments.

Bio optimize your entire home or workspace! Improve health, reduce stress and lighten toxic burden for everyone in your family with our whole home EMF rider kit. This DIY home add-on kit installs in 5 minutes, providing years of beneficial results, with no maintenance. Our exclusive DNA Bioenergetic information, is actually delivered via existing EMF generating devices in your home. Allowing you to outsmart your tech by turning harmful waves into helpful waves! This is an scientifically validated, ideal solution for households with health compromised family members or anyone who just wants optimize health. This is the best value in whole home EMF protection!

“We placed the GermFree Purifier™ in my child's classroom and his was the only class that didn't get sick! This year the whole school purchased units.”

Dr. Angela Goldstein, Orange County, CA

GermFree Purifier™

The Best of Science + Nature to support
thriving health at ANY age!

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Dr. Kelly Miller - Testimonial


"I wanted to share my experience with the GermFree Purifier. As a functional medicine practitioner in Florida, I have encountered multiple patients with mold infection.


Dr. Deborah Hoffman and I, have researched the GermFree, versus multiple other systems out there, as well as ozone.  We perform extensive testing and there's always a marked reduction or absence, in the presence of any bacteria or pathogens after the GermFree™ application.


I believe this safe and effective solution should be used in every Healthcare practitioner's office as well as their own homes."


--Dr. Kelly Miller, Best Selling Author “Saving Your Brain”

Why GermFree Purifier™

Wins Hands Down!

  • Pathogen Protection

    Hydro-peroxide molecules proven to kill 99.9999% of air and surface pathogens.

  • Treats up to 4,000 Sq. Ft.

    GermFree Purifier™ scrubbing molecules are stable in air for minutes to cover large areas.

  • Eliminate Odors

    Save money with reusable HEPA filters and eliminate odors with optional scalabe ozone.

  • Clean Surfaces and Air

    Most powerful technology ever discovered, 24/7 safe for people and pets.

  • Sleek, Compact, Quiet

    Attractive non-intrusive design compliments your space, small footprint and whisper quiet.

  • Natures Negative Ions

    Abundant negative ions just like at waterfalls, forests and the ocean clean air and reduce stress.


GermFree Purifier™

Contains the most powerful air and surface purification technologies ever discovered!

*2 Year Warranty - 30 Day Money Back Guarantee


We are proud to bring you what we believe is the most state of the art in air and surface protective technology.

We hope you enjoy many health filled years with your GermFree Purifier!

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